Since 1960 in Lecce and province

Da.Ri.Pa. is a company founded in 1960 by the founder Antonio Lezzi. Initially a firm of installers, over the years it has differentiated itself by also dealing with the supply of iron, concrete and nails. Over the years, the company grew: in 1987 Da.Ri.Pa Srl was founded, which already has a Show Room and a warehouse in Lecce, and the sales network was subsequently expanded with the opening of the Show Room in Maglie.

Although the years have passed quickly, the company has not lost the habit of quality, continuously managing to obtain merit awards and carrying out the commissioned work with seriousness and professionalism.

Public and private works of great value

The long list of works carried out is difficult to insert in its entirety. Since the late sixties, Antonio Lezzi has built, among other things, the fountain that stands out in the center of Piazza Mazzini, the altar of the important church of the monks and the large hospitals of Tricase and Lecce.

Quality supplies for companies

Evidence is the work carried out in more recent times, such as the supply of bathroom fixtures and ceramics to prestigious facilities such as the Acaya Golf Club, the Hilton, Risorgimento and Eos hotels in Lecce as well as the Cote d’Est of San Foca.

Our Symbol

More than with the mind of an artist, it is with a surge of love and faith that our badge was born 20 years ago.

It identifies us among a thousand and a thousand companies in Salento, highlighting our collective personality as hospitable and proud Salento; but above all and most of all, the awareness of being born in a land, "of passions" in fact, which has not yet expressed its full potential, is plastically engraved in it.
Belonging to Salento has always been the animating concept of all our work activities.